SMS Long Numbers

Facilitate two-way SMS interactions with customers and employees

Our long number service provides users with an 11-digit number, that can be used to receive SMS directly to your TextAnywhere account.

20 free credits. Full platform access. No commitment or credit card required.

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How the SMS Long Numbers service works

Our TextInbound service, provides the account holder with an 11-digit number in the usual mobile format, which is then associated with their TextAnywhere account. This long number can then assist SMS communications in two main ways:

  1. It ensures that all sent SMS messages come from a consistent source, so all texts appear in the same SMS thread
  2. It enables two-way SMS interactions, as recipients are able to reply directly to your text messages and you can then respond via the TextAnywhere platform

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How can SMS Long Numbers work for you?

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Introducing two-way SMS communication

Our long number service is well suited to businesses and institutions committed to providing a means of SMS communication. The average SMS user response time is just 90 seconds and the convenient and swift nature of text messages, means companies can introduce multi-channel communication with ease.

To see just how easy it is to set up an SMS Long Number, head to our simple guide

Send and receive important updates

Many of our clients use this service to send and receive updates between their personnel. This can be particularly useful if you are running a business with field based engineers. All individuals with access to the TextAnywhere account, are able to access updates and respond as required.

To learn more about using Long Numbers and all of our other services, head to our industry use case page

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Staff rostering

It can also be a great tool for individuals organising staff rostering in events or businesses with shift work. For example, if there are upcoming shifts that need to be covered, you are able to send an SMS to all employees without disclosing any personal contact information and all responses are collated in your TextAnywhere account; meaning employee comms are simple and shifts are covered quickly.

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Set up an unlimited number of keywords at no additional cost. Keywords can prove an efficient way of obtaining key information and directing this to the most appropriate individual or team

Multi country application

We can provide long numbers in the standard mobile format for the following countries: Australia, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain and Sweden


Set up one of our online autoresponders, to send pre-existing text message templates to respondents – This can be a brilliant tool for managing client expectations

Cost effective

Low set-up charge and monthly fee. Minimum subscription just one month

“TextAnywhere is a very competitive, cost effective and reliable service and was recommended to us by another screening programme. It certainly helps us maintain the essential confidentiality that is so critical to our success.”

Jackie Pointer