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The SMS Survey service

Feedback from customers, patients and constituents can have significant value and with SMS, you can collect this information within a matter of minutes. TextSurvey gives you full control over the design and management of your SMS surveys and with our service there are:

  • No limitations on the number of questions that can be included however best practice recommends 3-5 for high engagement rates
  • Options to incorporate introduction and completion messages 
  • Options to create a standard or interactive survey

Creating a standard survey is an easy process and means all recipients will receive the same questions, in the same order, regardless of their response. 

In many cases this is the most appropriate option, but for individuals who would like to try something a little more sophisticated, we also have interactive surveys which allow for branch logic.

What is branch logic?

Put simply, branch logic means you are able to take respondents on different survey routes depending on how they respond to individual questions.

For example, if you would like customer feedback on a particular purchase, you might set up the branch logic to show differing questions and responses based on their satisfaction score of the product. Individuals that respond with a satisfaction score of 3 / 10 can be asked how their experience could be improved, whilst those that scored their satisfaction as 10 / 10 can simply be thanked.

For more information on how to create and manage surveys within TextAnywhere, please see our survey screenshots or call one of our friendly advisers on 0845 122 1302.

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How can SMS Surveys work for you?

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Real-time customer satisfaction

SMS benefits from an average response time of just 90 seconds and being able to collect feedback so quickly, enables your business to get an up-to-date snapshot of customer satisfaction. Imagine you’ve released a new toaster; an SMS survey could ask customers to rate both the product and the buying experience, their responses can then be collated within minutes.

Head to our short video to see just how easy it is to create a survey with TextAnywhere

Build a better customer experience

Text surveys also allow businesses to identify areas for improvement in an efficient way, meaning they can make appropriate changes quickly and build a better customer experience. Suppose a customer had a negative experience purchasing a new sofa; you can use the learnings from their survey answers to implement changes to staff training and hopefully do so, before more negative experiences are reported.

See our healthcare use case, for specific examples of how and when to use an SMS survey

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Market research

An SMS Survey can also be used for market research. Be that using questions to evaluate brand awareness, to asking individuals for ideas on future products and services that they would like to see. The potential to identify new market trends, can be very valuable to businesses wanting to stay a step ahead of their competition.

For a full overview on how to make the most of SMS Surveys, please see our ebook How to effectively use TextSurvey

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Personalise your survey

Merge names or other unique data for example, recent purchase information into the survey introduction or completion messages

Respondent convenience

Sending a survey via SMS means respondents can complete the survey in a time and place that is suitable for them, which in turn increases response rates

Timely feedback

Receive objective, numerical and subjective data feedback, from customers within minutes of creating and sending your text survey


Integrate automated outbound survey invitations into your applications as a step after client engagement

Cost reduction

Run highly cost-effective surveys, only pay for the messages you send


Stipulate a delay between your optional introductory text message and the first question of your survey. You can also pause and resume surveys as required

“We make significant time and resource savings through texting, and with the online reporting and admin service, we can easily run usage reports and add more users.”

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