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Discover the potential of SMS within education

SMS services are becoming more widely used within schools, colleges and universities as a highly effective communication channel with parents, guardians and students. This is due to it’s high 97% open rate, speed of delivery and security. With 45 percent of UK households having two mobile phones; it’s the best way to communicate with parents and students.

  • 97% average open rate
  • 90% of messages are read within 3 minutes
  • 45% of UK households have 2 mobile phones

Make education SMS work for you

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Emergency Alerts

Bulk SMS allows you to deliver important information immediately.

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Student surveys

Save time and get results faster using SMS Surveys.

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Staff and students can text anonymously to alert staff to suspicious behaviour.

Emergency Alerts

There are some events which you can’t predict, power cuts, structural damage or extreme weather conditions. If you can’t open your school on a particular day, it’s essential that parents and students are notified immediately. With email having an open rate of 20.9% and an average response time of 90 minutes, email is not a quick enough communication channel. In comparison, SMS open rates are 97% and have an average response time of 90 seconds. By using our bulk SMS service, schools and universities can send out emergency closure information as soon as they have the information available.

  • Closure notices
  • Quickly deliver information
  • Immediately notify students, staff and parents
TextAnywhere Education SMS Emergency Alerts Example
TextAnywhere Education SMS Student Surveys Example

Student surveys 

Improving student satisfaction is an important goal for educational establishments. Many schools survey students in order to gauge the students’ level of satisfaction. Historically, this has been done through paper surveys. This can be incredibly time consuming as someone has to manually go through all of the surveys. With our SMS service, you can easily create surveys using single and multi-questions. Feedback and data from the SMS survey will be available online for up to 12 months after the survey has been closed. The data is automatically uploaded, eliminating the need for manual data entry.

  • Automatic reporting
  • Quick results
  • Higher engagement


Student and staff safety is a high priority for educational establishments across the country. Universities have campus security to keep students and staff safe. However, with some campuses being up to 560 acres in size, it’s a difficult task to monitor the entire site. Using our shortcode messaging service students and staff can send a message to a 5 digit phone number if they have any concerns about suspicious activity taking place on campus. This will then alert campus security who can investigate suspicious activity immediately. The message can also be forwarded onto email addresses to ensure there is always someone on hand to respond to the alert. By using SMS rather than a phone call, it allows for the alert to be instant and anonymous.

  • Quick alerts
  • Anonymous
  • Universally accessible
TextAnywhere Education SMS Safeguarding Example

Texting has been a tremendous success for Totton College with thousands of messages now being sent and received every month. Tangible benefits for both students and staff alike have been achieved. TextAnywhere met our original goals, and continues to provide a robust, high quality service.

Alex Richards – Director for Client Sales Support at Totton College

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