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We help the healthcare sector to send results quicker, save administrative time and reduce no shows.

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We’re proud to help the healthcare sector

Information relating to a patient’s health can be extremely important and often time-sensitive, therefore it’s essential that they are communicated to correctly and efficiently. With SMS’s 97% open rate being substantially higher than email’s 20.9%, SMS services are an integral part of healthcare communications. 

  • Send results quicker
  • Reduce errors
  • Save administrative time

Improve patient communication and reduce missed appointments with SMS.

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Appointment reminders

Schedule automated customer appointment reminders.

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Test results

Send automated follow up appointment links to patients to discuss test results.

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Post appointment surveys

Send SMS surveys to patients after their appointments.

Appointment reminders

Around 7.2m GP appointments are missed annually which potentially costs UK GP’s £216m a year. This is often due to patients booking their appointments weeks or even months in advance. This unfortunately leads to patients forgetting about their appointments. By scheduling automated SMS reminders, healthcare providers can send messages about upcoming appointments straight to a patient’s mobile. Patients can be given the choice to either confirm their appointment by replying to the message or they can click the link to rearrange.

  • SMS reminders
  • Rebooking links
  • Reduce no shows
TextAnywhere Healthcare SMS Appointment Reminders Example
TextAnywhere Healthcare SMS Test Results Example

Test results

In March 2019, there were 43.5 million screening tests in England. Many of these tests would have needed a follow-up appointment with a medical practitioner. Using SMS, a message can be sent out to all patients to inform them if a follow-up appointment is required. The instantaneous nature of SMS can ensure that patients can get appointments booked in earlier and start to receive treatments quicker.

  • Booking links
  • Auto SMS reply
  • Appointment updates

Post appointment surveys

Ensuring high levels of patient satisfaction is an important aim for the healthcare sector. SMS surveys allow for healthcare providers to receive invaluable patient feedback through text messages.

Linear and branched SMS Surveys can be scheduled to be sent to patients after their appointment. Questions can range from how they found the service to whether or not they were satisfied with the waiting times. The patient can text STOP at any time to opt out of the survey. This will only opt them out of the survey, not future marketing messages.

  • Patient feedback 
  • Linear survey
  • Branched survey
TextAnywhere Healthcare SMS Post Appointment Surveys Example

TextAnywhere is a very competitive, cost effective and reliable service and was recommended to us by another screening programme. It certainly helps us to maintain the essential confidentiality that is so critical to our success.

Jackie Pointer – Solent NHS Trust Sexual Health Service

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