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Expert advice and ideas on how your business can implement mobile marketing and make the most of business SMS.

Why are text messages limited to 160 characters?

Let’s be honest: you’ve probably never thought about it. Now that you are thinking about it, however, what do you reckon? Perhaps it’s got something to do with limiting the size of the message? Or, perhaps it was implemented to save…

SMS Marketing Tricks and Treats for your business this Halloween

Unlock spooktacular success! Discover the magic of SMS marketing this Halloween for ghastly-good engagement & eerie business growth.

SMS surveys: your key to actionable feedback

Discover the power of SMS surveys to unlock invaluable customer insights. Improve satisfaction and drive repeat business.

8 reasons to start using business SMS

With an open rate of 98%, it's no wonder SMS is a popular messaging channel for organisations. We dive into the top 8 reasons why you might want to start sending SMS messages regularly to your customers.

Fast and efficient: Improving response times with business sms for better customer service

Are you ready to enhance your customer service experience with SMS?

Transactional SMS: when is SMS not SMS marketing?

What is a transactional SMS message? A transactional SMS message is a non-marketing SMS that is sent from a company to a customer to facilitate a business transaction. The purpose is to streamline the service a customer receives from the organisation…

SMS Marketing for Easter: 20 Free Easter Templates

Easter is nearly upon us. If you’re planning a special SMS campaign to commemorate this seasonal holiday, look no further than this article. We will be sharing some tips and SMS templates so you can deliver a successful Easter marketing campaign.…

6 benefits of bulk sms marketing and why you should use it

Sms marketing is the fastest growing way to reach your target audience. When you look at the statistics for delivering marketing information via text message you may be surprised by the results. Why has bulk sms marketing become so popular? Well,…

Using SMS marketing for all age groups

Is SMS marketing for the younger generation? The largest audience base for SMS marketing is likely to be the 16-44 year olds and that is simply because they are the largest consumers of mobile phones. That doesn’t mean that people over…

How marketers can benefit from SMS marketing

It’s a myth that if you already use email for marketing, you shouldn’t use SMS marketing and vice versa. We think that potentially this myth comes from a fear of change or concern for taking on different strategies that may increase…

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