Customer feedback: The secret to the growth of your business

KPMG recently reported that customer retention is the most significant revenue driver for retailers, learn how your business can optimise their retention strategy today.

What does good customer engagement look like?

Given that a fully engaged customer will deliver 23% more revenue than the average consumer, brands need to ensure they have an effective strategy in place. Read on, to find out what we think are some of the more important areas to prioritise, in a bid to enhance your brands customer engagement.

Using SMS for last minute sales and offers

Regardless of the industry, SMS marketing has proven to be one of the most effective and powerful marketing tools available, which can be used by all types of businesses to correspond with and draw in their customers. If your goal is…

Using SMS Marketing in Retail

SMS marketing is a cheap and effective method that any businesses can make use of. One industry that particularly flourishes from using text message marketing is retail. Take a look at some of these interesting ways to target customers through SMS.…