How brands can maximise sales for Valentine’s Day 2021

Campaign ideas and templates to help restaurants, cafes, retailers and hair and beauty businesses make the most of the love economy during lockdown.

The automotive industry: Back to business communication strategy

Our latest infographic details how automotive businesses can use SMS to support customer communication, which both ensures safety protocols are adhered to, and enhances business recovery.

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How can retailers get back to business in a post-Covid-19 world? 

We're yet to hear the UK's plans for returning to some form of normality but we know that retailers face a huge challenge in store and online. What actions can be taken to start getting back to business?

How retailers can use mobile messaging for better business continuity communications

Whether it be attacks of a digital or natural nature, modern retailers need to have plans in place should the worst-case scenario arrive. Here's how a mobile messaging strategy can help to get comms out to the largest amount of people in the fastest time.

How to increase online sales: advice for retailers struggling with store closures

As with all successful businesses, the ability to adapt to external circumstances and customer behaviour is vital, here we have outlined some advice for retailers struggling with store closures amidst the coronavirus crisis.

The role of personalisation in customer communication

Personalisation has a significant impact on the success of communications. So much so, that 75% of marketers believe customisation of customer messages leads to a higher click through rate. Learn which areas your brand should be focusing on to maximise your customer communications today.

The changing landscape of customer service

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Customer feedback: The secret to the growth of your business

KPMG recently reported that customer retention is the most significant revenue driver for retailers, learn how your business can optimise their retention strategy today.

What does good customer engagement look like?

Given that a fully engaged customer will deliver 23% more revenue than the average consumer, brands need to ensure they have an effective strategy in place. Read on, to find out what we think are some of the more important areas to prioritise, in a bid to enhance your brands customer engagement.