Using SMS to support drive-to-web strategies

Why drive-to-web strategies are so important in the current climate and ways brands can use SMS to drive customer engagement and revenue online.

Make the most of Easter with SMS

Make the most of the Easter period to earn some extra revenue and engage your customers before the reopening of non-essential shops. Use the power of SMS to advertise promotions, offers, competitions and more.

5 steps to effective call deflection

Has your business’ contact centre felt the impact of the 44% increase in call volume since the beginning of the pandemic? Take a look at our guide below for practical tips on how to reduce call volumes while improving the customer experience.

The power of SMS surveys

As 95.3% of consumers said they would respond to an SMS survey, delivering your brands survey via text message could prove very effective. See our best practice tips below.

SMS campaign templates for Black Friday

As SMS benefits from nearly 7 times the order rate when compared to a single email campaign, it could help give your business an edge over competitors. So, we have created some Black Friday SMS campaign templates which businesses can personalise to make their own.

Emerging trends surrounding businesses’ plans for Black Friday 2020

Latest research reveals 55.4% of UK businesses will be running their Black Friday campaigns either as originally planned or with further investment

How SMS can help hospitality businesses during the second wave of the pandemic

While some establishments have introduced app’s, simpler, far less expensive communication technologies, like SMS, can also be used to help businesses maintain social distancing protocols, reallocate shifts and enhance the customer experience. So, we've created a quick guide of the most inventive ways we've seen SMS put to use by the hospitality sector in the current climate.

Why effective internal communication is paramount post-Covid19

With 56% of UK adults reporting mental health deterioration during lockdown, employers need to ensure they are prioritising staff communication and engagement, to keep individuals motivated throughout business recovery. With this in mind, we have collated some campaign ideas and considerations for employee comms post pandemic.

Suggested templates for back-to-business SMS communications

Salons and gyms are set to reopen soon, but for many there is plenty to do to ensure they reopen safely. As communication is key to a successful reopening, we have pulled together some communication considerations, SMS templates and a quick SMS best practice checklist, to help businesses on their way to a successful back-to-business campaign.

How hair and beauty businesses can use SMS in their back-to-business strategy

Given that the hair and beauty industry employs around 250,000 people in the UK, it is vital that businesses within this industry reopen successfully. Here we take a look at how SMS can help businesses come back with a bang, safely.