Suggested templates for back-to-business SMS communications

Salons and gyms are set to reopen soon, but for many there is plenty to do to ensure they reopen safely. As communication is key to a successful reopening, we have pulled together some communication considerations, SMS templates and a quick SMS best practice checklist, to help businesses on their way to a successful back-to-business campaign.

How hair and beauty businesses can use SMS in their back-to-business strategy

Given that the hair and beauty industry employs around 250,000 people in the UK, it is vital that businesses within this industry reopen successfully. Here we take a look at how SMS can help businesses come back with a bang, safely.

How to use SMS Long Numbers for staff communication during a crisis

Find out how SMS Long Numbers can ensure more effective employee communication during the crisis, by enabling personalised responses which ensure issues are dealt with quickly and efficiently. 

Suggested templates for SMS communication in a crisis

Having a robust crisis communications plan enables your business to respond almost immediately and with a high level of professionalism. Below, are just a few examples of SMS templates which can be used for crisis communications in various situations.

How technology can help restaurants during COVID-19

Many hospitality businesses have opted to offer food delivery and take-out services, in a bid to continue supporting their local community in a safe way. But to do this successfully, businesses need to communicate details of their new offering and related protocols in an effective way and this is where SMS can help.

3 steps to ensure business continuity in a crisis

The overwhelming difference between successful and unsuccessful crisis management is planning. This post identifies the best practices for SMEs to ensure companies emerge from a crisis unscathed.

How to successfully manage remote teams

Business continuity is likely a top priority for businesses at the moment and here we have highlighted a few key points that you can focus on, to ensure that having a remote workforce will have minimal impact on your business.

Best practice guide: Creating a business continuity plan

Put simply, a business continuity plan (BCP) ensures a company can continue to function as normal in the event of a disaster. In this post, we detail 6 steps your company can follow to create your own BCP.

Using SMS for Business Contingency Planning

With the heavy snow due to set across the UK this week, many businesses and organisations may face some disruption. Get prepared for whatever the weather with TextAnywhere. Here are some quick and simple tips that you may want to use…

Why Every Start Up Needs SMS Marketing To Succeed

Text messaging has gone beyond just sending a message to your family and friends, it has become a powerful tool within businesses and their marketing strategy. Smartphones have become the hub of our daily lives, with Ofcom confirming that the UK…