What is the open rate of SMS in 2021?

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5 steps to effective call deflection

Has your business’ contact centre felt the impact of the 44% increase in call volume since the beginning of the pandemic? Take a look at our guide below for practical tips on how to reduce call volumes while improving the customer experience.

How Covid-19 has impacted business messaging for 7 industries, across 5 territories

Of the 650+ businesses we surveyed, 38% are said to be sending more business messages now, when compared to pre-Covid19 times

The EU-US Privacy Shield has been struck down: what are the implications for EU companies using US software?

With the EU-US Privacy Shield being struck down, EU companies using US software need to ensure there are appropriate safeguards in place for their data.

How to use SMS Long Numbers for staff communication during a crisis

Find out how SMS Long Numbers can ensure more effective employee communication during the crisis, by enabling personalised responses which ensure issues are dealt with quickly and efficiently. 

The Dual Screening Phenomenon – How Text Marketing Breaks Through the Noise

There is no denying the fact that the digital revolution has completely transformed our lives on a day to day basis. TV or PC – which one is the winner?  None! Long gone are the days when people only looked at…

5 essential questions to consider when choosing your SMS service provider

When searching and selecting an SMS service provider businesses will discover it isn’t as straightforward as they initially thought. Many companies will package their services and pricing in different ways, which makes it difficult for the buyer to decide which company…

Why are text messages limited to 160 characters?

Let’s be honest: you’ve probably never thought about it. Now that you are thinking about it, however, what do you reckon? Perhaps it’s got something to do with limiting the size of the message? Or, perhaps it was implemented to save…

The History of the Text Message

For the average person, text messaging is part of everyday life so it’s hard to think of a time without text messages and instant communication with friends, family, colleagues, clients and customers. In this blog we explore the history of the…

Mobile Evolution in 2014

2014 is showing all the signs of being the year of the mobile market. Predictions favour mobile technology, alongside a large-scale upsurge in interconnectivity, driving forward new technology. On the back of that increase the potential for mobile marketing grows to…