How proactive communications can help insurers create quality customer engagement

With in-person interactions at an all time low, many businesses are thinking of ways to drive customer engagement and retention in the current climate. Given that 50% of insurers believe proactive communications can help their business achieve exactly this, our latest post includes some ideas for proactive insurer campaigns post-Covid19.

22 July 2020

The continual uncertainty caused by the coronavirus has impacted consumers in a variety of ways. It has changed behaviour and priorities, and like any successful business, insurers need to adapt to better serve customers in the post-Covid19 landscape. Afterall, experts have predicted a u-shaped recovery, which suggests a lingering over the coming months before trade returns to normal. So, customer engagement and retention have never been more important. 

But with social distancing reducing in-person interactions, and 56% of adults in the UK reporting a deterioration to their mental health during lockdown, how can insurers create more meaningful engagements at this sensitive time? Well, a recent poll revealed that 50% of insurers considered proactive customer communications one of the most effective ways to achieve this. With this in mind, we have collated some advice for insurer communication strategies, to help businesses deliver quality customer engagement in the current climate.

Remind customers of existing policies

Starting by proactively communicating to customers the cover they have in place, and how they can make a claim is worthwhile. Your business may have had to make changes to the claim process in response to the pandemic, in which case, it is always worth repeating these to customers. Likewise, it offers an opportunity to build trust with your customers. As you are reminding individuals that they have a cover in place they may be able to make a claim on, and providing clear instructions of how to do so – dispelling the myth that insurers won’t pay out. This is especially important in the case of income protection policies, as many individuals have experienced changes to their financial circumstances.

Offer flexibility on existing covers

Depending on the kind of policies your company provides, customers may have experienced changes to their circumstances relevant to their existing cover. For instance, with many people working from home, it’s likely that mileage for the year would’ve significantly decreased. A simple campaign offering customers the opportunity to change their policy details, and arrange refunds where appropriate, could go a very long way to ensuring customer retention for the long term. 

Deliver transparent, swift updates

Many insurance providers responded to the pandemic by making substantial changes to their servicing processes and policies. While many of these changes were implemented to ensure better service to customers during this unusual time, it’s vital that these changes are communicated in a transparent and swift manner. As 90% of text messages are read within just 3 minutes, and 74% of consumers report an improved impression of brands that communicate with them via SMS, utilising this channel could really benefit insurers. 

Prioritise customer feedback

Customer feedback can be invaluable, but all too often we see it overlooked in a communication strategy. Given that in-person interactions have reduced and consumer behaviour is rapidly changing, ensuring you have a robust feedback system in place is essential. Especially, in situations where businesses have introduced new processes or cover options. An SMS survey is a great way to collate feedback as it’s really convenient for recipients, and benefits from an average conversion rate of 32% (even more impressive considering the average for email is just 3%).

What’s more, if you do feel this information would be of benefit to your business, but don’t have the time to create and manage the survey, you can get in touch with one of our experienced team at [email protected] who will be happy to help.

Highlight appropriate solutions

Although marketing to existing and potential customers must be done with the utmost care during this time, signposting appropriate advice and solutions could be hugely beneficial. Afterall, insurance is all about preparing for the unexpected. And, not only does this customer-first approach allow insurers to gain customer trust and loyalty, it is also key to widening access to insurance. 

In short, proactive communications will be key for insurers over the coming months. If you would like to discuss further how you can engage with your customers, or need any help getting your communication campaigns ready, please call us on 0845 122 1302, or email [email protected].

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