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Expert advice and ideas on how your business can implement mobile marketing and make the most of business SMS.

8 reasons to start using business SMS

With an open rate of 98%, it's no wonder SMS is a popular messaging channel for organisations. We dive into the top 8 reasons why you might want to start sending SMS messages regularly to your customers.

Fast and efficient: Improving response times with business sms for better customer service

Are you ready to enhance your customer service experience with SMS?

How businesses can keep teams connected and aligned with bulk sms

A lot of focus is placed on the many benefits and advantages of using SMS marketing as a way of targeting customers. However, what a lot of companies tend to forget is that text messaging is a great tool to use for easily communicating with employees as well as customers. Here's why your business should start using bulk SMS services for staff and customer satisfaction and communication.

Eliminating no shows: How SMS appointment reminders can keep you on schedule

Say goodbye to missed appointments and hello to a more efficient, punctual routine.

Is SMS marketing still effective in 2023?

There is no doubt about it, SMS marketing is here for the long term. It will always be popular with marketers and customers because it can be personalised, segmented by demographics, and affordable. It's also being transmitted via the nation's favourite method of communication.

Flash Sale Guide: How to run more effective summer sale campaigns

Planning your summer sale campaigns? Take a look at our 5 step guide to planning a successful flash sale.

Spoil Dad rotten: Top SMS Marketing Campaigns for Father’s Day

We’re looking at SMS marketing for Father’s Day because it’s a big deal in the UK. Last year £986 million was spent on Father’s Day gifts! This figure has risen from £743 million in 2017. Looking at the rate of growth,…

Your ultimate Bank Holiday SMS marketing guide: That’s fit for royalty!

Here at TextAnywhere, we have identified four golden opportunities for marketers to maximise their profits during the UK Bank Holidays for 2023. This year, we have an extra Bank Holiday to enjoy, courtesy of the King! While it may not have…

How to choose an SMS keyword for your campaign

An SMS keyword is a unique word or phrase that customers can use to communicate with your business via an SMS number. Used alongside an SMS shortcode, it will help your customers easily identify and remember your brand. With keywords, businesses…

SMS Marketing for Easter: 20 Free Easter Templates

Easter is nearly upon us. If you’re planning a special SMS campaign to commemorate this seasonal holiday, look no further than this article. We will be sharing some tips and SMS templates so you can deliver a successful Easter marketing campaign.…

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