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Expert advice and ideas on how your business can implement mobile marketing and make the most of business SMS.

How To Easily Grow Your SMS Database

Text message advertising is the fastest and most efficient way to reach your target audience, so to reach your audience and beyond, use this blog to learn how to grow your SMS database.

Boost your ROI with SMS Marketing

You may have heard that SMS Marketing messages are now the go-to in new marketing strategies. Many companies are already experiencing exponential success with the use of bulk and automated SMS marketing platforms.  If you are currently using traditional marketing methods,…

10 Reasons to use SMS For Recruitment

Find out more about how using SMS for recruitment can help your business to bag the best candidates, before the competition.

Bulk SMS Marketing, what is it?

SMS marketing is the fastest and most efficient way to reach your target audience. So why not reach as many customers as possible with Bulk SMS marketing.

Reel the Punters In! Is Your Business’s Text Marketing at the Races?

The advent of smartphone use has seen witnessed, and arguably contributed to, a meteoric rise in the gambling industry. While other sectors have struggled amiss amidst a series of financial crises over the past 10 years, gambling is one that has…

How Mobile Messaging Can Play a Role in the General Election

Theressa May’s recent announcement that the next General Election will take place on Thursday 8th June has forced all political parties to act fast and think about their campaigning, which is in many ways the political version of marketing. SMS marketing…

TextAnywhere is now a confirmed as G-Cloud 8 Digital Marketplace supplier

TextAnywhere is delighted to have an agreement in place with the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) to provide a range of SMS products and services.The TextAnywhere SMS products and services agreement supports the Government’s policy centrally to manage the procurement of common goods and services…

Why choose TextAnywhere for your SMS Integration

As a Developer choosing the right SMS Service Provider is crucial when implementing your application. At TextAnywhere we recognise the importance of this and created our Developer Program. The Developer Program is specially designed for clients who wish to integrate a text-messaging capability…

How Can Automotive Services Benefit from using SMS?

Feeling the pressure to remember important dates these days? You’re not alone, with increasingly busy lifestyles the distinct possibility of missing important dates including birthdays, appointments, expiry dates and delivery notifications is a real issue. Overlooking a date can be very costly if this is related…

How to Improve your Mobile Marketing Campaign

Many businesses have mobile marketing included in their marketing strategy. Though this in itself is not new, creating one that drives clear results is not always as easy as it sounds. To help, we’ve given you four tips to consider when…

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