How your customer database is the key to text marketing success

25 May 2017

You could devise the most brilliant marketing campaign: emotive design, compelling calls to action and delivered across multiple channels for maximum impact. But a marketing campaign is only as good as the data it’s using. The single biggest challenge for marketers looking to use text communication is having relevant and correct data that has been legitimately sourced. Although this may sound challenging, following the 5 steps below makes it seem rather simple.

Remaining ICO Compliant

What’s crucial is that all phone number collection is ICO compliant, highlighting to those signing up how their data could potentially be used, applying to both new and existing sign-ups. With updates to data privacy regulations set to be rolled out in May 2018, businesses must be transparent about any potential use of their data. Following years of their information being misused, consumers are becoming much more ‘savvy’ to the procurement of data and are now likely to read the small print, so it is important to accurately represent how their information may be used. The key point is that people have willing opted into receiving text messages from you and are able to opt out. Read our eBook on ICO compliancy and ensure your text messages are legitimate.

Cross-Channel Data Collection

Multiple channels can be used to generate data for text marketing activity, such as promotion on your website. As the hub of your business, it is the perfect location to promote an opt-in for SMS communications. A simple call to action box where a number can be inputted is a great way of collecting data from an engaged audience who know your business. You could potentially offer an incentive such as receiving a promotional discount or exclusive news if they sign up to your SMS mailing list. If you are using our API you can get data transferred automatically through our system, so there is no need for manual input. You could even automate a ‘thank you for registering’ message when their number enters the system.

Social media is also a great way to generate mobile phone numbers for your bulk text sends. You can share offers such as ‘opt in for 10% off’ to increase acquisitions and by being selective over the social platforms used and hashtags, you can target audiences who will be interested in your offers.

Texting for Texting Data!

To make the collection of mobile data even easier, customers can use short code keyword services (such as TextPremium) to opt in; it can be as simple keyword such as texting ‘YES’ to a defined short number. Due to the public’s proficiency with text and frequent use of mobile, we are increasingly seeing our clients generate legitimate customer databases through short code messaging. Again you can promote these keywords across your stores, website, social media and any other marketing material.

Upgrading Your Existing Opt-Ins

If you want to opt your existing data into a new form of communication, it is vital that consent is obtained again. If they have already opted in, you could text existing customers using a bulk messaging service like TextCampaign and prompt them to reply with a simple yes or no if they are willing to opt in to receive communications around a new product or service. If already happy to receive text messages, these customers are likely to be open to receive more, thus building an engaged and relevant database.

Better Data for Better Marketing

Together with following regulatory compliance from the ICO, if your customers understand and are willing to receive texts, messages are more likely to be read and used.  This will make your customer database more viable as an up-sell marketing tool and as a two-way communication platform; data that will let the best marketing campaigns flourish. Allow your customers to opt-out, giving them this option will make them trust you more as you are not forcing them to read your messages. It is better to send messages to an audience who actually wants to hear from you, rather then to people who are not interested and will just ignore your content. This will save you more time and reduce your costs to sending messages to uninterested customers.

If you want to find out more about how to build a viable customer database for mobile marketing, then we’d love to hear from you. Our dedicated Customer Care team are available on 08451 221 302 to discuss data acquisition and your next SMS campaign.

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