SMS and the Dating Industry

6 February 2015

Here’s my number… text me…

SMS marketing for the dating industry may seem an unusual approach to many.  The dating world is tough, relentless, challenging, unique and, if you work really hard, sometimes rewarding. That’s not news. But how on earth are we to keep up a successful dating life when we have a house to run, a job to keep and a social life to live? Sometimes when your dating life throws you lemons, you throw them back, grab the ice cream and watch Bridget Jones, sighing at the brutal similarities. The world was blown away with the introduction of internet dating. Sites such as your own offer hopeful singletons solace, in that they can handily sift through potential matches, and pick off the best of the bunch… even on a lunch hour. But are you utilising SMS marketing to offer your customers even more?

Whilst at work people aren’t necessarily on your site but their phones are by their side. So it goes without saying this is an optimum opportunity to communicate with site users via SMS dating. It’s not just work, either – who checks dating sites when doing the school run, at the hairdressers or when at the gym?  By utilising SMS marketing you can reach your users absolutely any time, absolutely anywhere! The options are endless, you can keep users fully informed on news, advertising functions that may otherwise go unused.

Because text messages are sent to users’ mobiles you can keep them fresh and up to the minute. That means they could be getting sent crucial tips on how to dress to impress for that big date… whilst getting a new hair style for the big night! Your customer could receive helpful weekly dating tips as they are at an exercise class or in the gym, and they can even learn a few cheesy chat up lines as you mill around the frozen food aisle, or picking up their lunchtime snack. There is a huge gap that is not being utilised.

The truth is, we aren’t using our mobiles to their maximum for SMS in the dating industry, and it’s a crying shame! By adopting SMS marketing for dating websites it allows that extra channel to communicate with users. This adds personality to the brand, increases the likelihood that site users will use less well known functions, and of course will be profitable to you. Be the pioneer. Why not start using SMS marketing and help your customer get connected.

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