Which SMS service would suit you best?

4 January 2013

So you’ve come across our range of SMS services but you are still unsure which option would suit your business best. This article is here to point you in the right direction by providing a short summary and the benefits of each to help you with your decision.

TextOnline – This web-based application lets you send your text messages to a large volume of contacts via any computer with internet connection. You can create as many groups of recipients as you like and have your messages sent to them within seconds. This service is perfect if you have a large number of clients, or groups to manage, and lets you differentiate easily between them.

TextCampaign – Using this service you can easily upload your contact list database (csv file) to your own account where you can then create messages and personalise them to suit your many different clients and campaigns. This application also allows you to set up delivery schedules for your messages which are helpful if you wish to send out regular automated reminders or adjust the time frame on your messages for a global reach.

TextPremium – If you want to use short code SMS then this is the service is for you. Short codes can be used in a number of ways to engage with your customers including running a competition, hosting a vote or simply to allow your customers to respond to the message using specific keywords in order to receive more information on a product or service. You can even choose whether to charge customers for interacting with your message if you are looking to earn from your campaign.

TextMail – This service can be accessed from any email application, (for example Outlook, Gmail, etc), to easily manage your text based communications. You email the SMS message you wish to send, including all the recipients details, and our SMS gateway will distribute it for you. Perfect for if you’re short on time or wish to use your email software to manage all of your client communications.

TextInbound – Our TextInbound service can be set up to allow you to receive SMS responses from your customers to an email address of your choice, a URL or even collected from our web service. This gives your customers another way to contact you while allowing you to collate and manage your responses all in one location. This service is great for those who wish to use SMS as a reply option for a variety of marketing campaigns, promotions and sales enquiries.

TextAlert – It’s important that you and your employees receive alerts on IT system issues and other critical updates in order to run your business efficiently. TextAlert can help with this by allowing you to construct an alert in email form which our system then converts into a text message and directs it to the people that need to know.

Remember you can always combine any of the solutions listed above so that you can maximise the success of your campaigns and always ensure the smooth running of your business.  And, if you want to explore further we also run a TextPartner program, offer a Developer Toolkit and have a White Label service available to you.

For more information on any of our products or services please call our Customer Services team on 08451 221 302 who will be happy to help you further.

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