Can I change the opt-out keyword that my customers use to cancel their SMS subscription?

When a user wants to unsubscribe from an SMS list the standard opt out keyword is ‘stop’ as a singular keyword. To be effective the SMS response must start with ‘stop’, so cannot be ‘please stop’ otherwise the system will not automatically unsubscribe the user. However it is possible to report on responses and we recommend you regularly run these reports and add any mobile numbers to the opt out list who have suggested in their response (ie: Please Stop) that they want to be removed from any future SMS messages.

Each one of our text applications, and our Developer Toolkit, support the ability for a recipient to text STOP in reply to their received text, and be automatically added to our client’s Opt-out List.

If our client then accidentally sends a further text message to the opted-out individual, then the text will not be sent by our system. The client will not be charged for the text, and the message will have a delivery status of OPTED OUT.

It is also possible to set up short code responses and allocating a chosen keyword such as ‘end’. You could then run a report for all the ‘end’ replies and manually add these numbers to the opt out list.

For more information on unsubscribe options or short codes please contact our Customer Service team on 0845 122 1302.

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