Can I put multimedia content in my text messages?

You cannot send embedded multimedia content within your SMS text messages as only standard characters (A to Z and 0 to 9 etc.) are supported.

However, the way to send multimedia content within an SMS is to send a link to the content from within your SMS message (much like a WAP push message). If you make your multimedia content (picture, video file, sound clip etc.) available on a central server that your recipients can have access to, then just include the link to the content in your SMS message.

Phones receiving the message will display the link, and enable you to click on it and download the multimedia content.

You can even replace the link to your content, which is likely to be quite long and impact on your available message space, with a tiny URL web address.

Sending multimedia content through a regular SMS message is highly effective, and eliminates the high cost and technical challenges of sending a true Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) message.

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