What is an SMTP SMS service?

The TextAnywhere SMTP Service enables you to automatically send and receive SMS text messages from any email sending application.

With the SMTP Service, your application sends an email to the TextAnywhere system in a particular format that contains the destination phone number and the message body. Once our system has authenticated and verified your email, the body of the message and the phone number are extracted, and an SMS message is sent to the recipient.

The SMTP Service can also send back a delivery confirmation to your application, along with any replies that are received from the recipient’s handset

This service is ideal for users who are looking to include an SMS communications method for their customer base but would like to manage this through their existing email platform. For example, a doctor surgery who would like to send SMS confirmations to their patients may find this service useful as it will allow them to send SMS messages and keep track of replies for filing with the patient records if necessary. 

For details of our TextAnywhere developer services, please browse the rest of our website, or for more specific information on our SMTP Service, please visit our dedicated Developer Centre.

Alternatively, please do call our Customer Service team on 08451 221 302 who will be happy to answer any questions you may have, or provide technical support if needed.

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