What are the restrictions when sending messages to France?

International Restrictions

When sending messages to international destinations text messages can be subject of local restrictions/filtering imposed both at government and local network levels. Unfortunately we cannot influence these decisions so in order to maximise the potential of a successful delivery please follow the regulations. We have listed known restrictions per country but please note that these are not exhaustive and can change as new restrictions are applied – in most cases the local networks do not make notification of changes, we will update restrictions as and when they become known to us.

Orange rejecting numeric originators. However together with our network provider numeric originators are being replaced with a compatible short code that is acceptable by French network operators.

As before, messages with an alphanumeric originator will continue to be delivered unaltered to networks that allow it, otherwise it will be substituted with a short code by the receiving network operator.

This effectively means that is not possible to receive a reply from a French destination message regardless of originator type, the standard behaviour of alphanumeric originator messages is the inability of the handset to reply.

Please note that it is forbidden to send marketing messages to Orange France customers during the time periods (10pm to 8am CET) from Monday to Saturday + Sunday all day + all day on Bank holidays.

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