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How to use TextOnline

TextAnywhere’s TextOnline application allows you to send SMS messages and receive reply messages online.


Send texts from your PC

With the TextAnywhere service you are able to send texts from your PC, as easily as you would send emails.


Send SMS online

TextAnywhere provides a range of SMS services that enable you to send SMS messages online.


SMS digital marketing

SMS messaging can play a pivotal role in any multi-channel digital marketing strategy.


SMS Reminders

Upload contacts and schedule Text Reminders therefore reaching your customers directly and with ease.


Customer feedback survey

Customer feedback can be invaluable to brands, so utilising tools like SMS surveys, to make this process as convenient as possible for customers, is vital.


Customer engagement

An overview of the importance of customer engagement within the retail sector.


Customer communication

Customer expectations of retailers are continually evolving, meaning customer communication, is more important than ever before.


How to Send Branched SMS Surveys

Video guide on How to Send Branched SMS Surveys.

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