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Measureable SMS Marketing Guide

This guide has been put together to help you make the most of your SMS marketing campaigns by combining your website, analytics package and your customers’ ability to access the internet from their phones.


How to use Email to SMS to send text messages from your email

First of all, let’s go through what SMTP actually stands for.


How to set up SMS shortcodes

Short codes can be used for both marketing purposes and general business communications.


How to set up an SMS long number

Using an Inbound SMS number is a good idea for companies who wish to receive direct responses from their customers.


How to build an effective database

In recent years the communication channels to customers and potential clients have multiplied. Instead of simple letter or phone call, we now have email, web forms and text messaging.


Bulk SMS

TextAnywhere has a range of bulk SMS marketing solutions to enable organisations to contact groups of individuals by SMS.


SMS marketing for business

TextAnywhere provides a range of text messaging services to enable SMS marketing for businesses.


SMS marketing for shops

SMS marketing is ideal for retailers of all sizes and locations.


SMS services for schools

SMS services have become much more widely used within schools recently as a highly effective means of communication with parents and carers.

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