SMS marketing for shops

SMS marketing is ideal for retailers of all sizes and locations.

Local and national shops of all types can promote their services, products, discount offers and much more. Reaching out to their opted-in customer base via SMS marketing is a great way for retailers to grow loyalty, retain business and increase sales.

TextAnywhere has a number of solutions which can help shop owners and retail managers reach out to their customers quickly and effectively. Our easy to use TextOnline application will allow you to send instant text messages to individuals or groups, or TextCampaign for larger volume SMS campaigns. If you prefer to send SMS campaigns via email we have applications that can support this too. TextEmail offers you the ability to send SMS via any email account, and TextOMS works very neatly with your Microsoft Outlook service. To compliment these we also have our TextPremium short code solution. With this service you can set-up, run, and manage online your own Short Code, enabling your customers to contact you by texting your KEYWORD to 81025.

By advertising your SMS marketing initiative via a website or inside the shop, this helps the individual shop or larger chain to build up an opted-in database of customers who are interested in finding out more on a regular basis, or want to take advantage of offers as they come up. This database can then be used to:

  • Promote new products
  • Advertising a new season’s range or fashion collection
  • Launch special one-time offers
  • Opening of a new shop or location
  • Promote events happening in store
  • Provide location based discount vouchers
  • Drive customers to the shop to use coupons or mobile redemption vouchers

With over 90% of all text messages being opened and read it’s reasonable to believe the retailers SMS marketing message will be seen by almost all of their opted-in customers. Recipients of these SMS offers are more likely to visit the shop and redeem the offer, their coupon or voucher if it’s on their mobile phone for immediate use. Also, recipients will often forward those offers onto friends and family as well, thereby broadening the shops exposure and potentially increasing sales.

As we mentioned earlier, SMS for shops also builds great consumer loyalty. Loyalty to the individual brand is very important, especially if the retailer is in a highly competitive market such as fashion or electrical. Increased visibility of your brand, by forwarding of the SMS offer, is another valuable ROI metric.

SMS for shops can achieve immediate results. Text messages can of course be sent very quickly and received almost immediately by your customers. Imagine your experiencing a quiet afternoon in the shop. By sending an SMS call to action the retailer could drum up some more business by offering customers a special discount for a limited time only, remind them of the happy hour coming up, promote a 2 for 1 offer or bundle package which is due to expire. There are many opportunities to use SMS marketing to the retailers advantage in this way.

SMS marketing is highly flexible too. The shop or chain may wish to run a bulk SMS campaign to go out on a certain day at a certain time, for example to launch a new range or one day special offer (giving the customers notice that it’s coming up). Or they may want to send out a short, sharp and smart SMS campaign to promote that special offer as we previously mentioned. All in all SMS for shops can be used in any way you wish, and you can spend as much or as little too. You’re in control and your customers will feel like they’re in an exclusive club in which they can get great benefits from.

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