SMS for local government

Save time and improve communication with local residents with SMS

Local authorities often need to get important information to residents quickly. With SMS having an average open rate of 95% and response time of 90 seconds, it is incredibly effective at getting key information delivered fast. 

Emergency announcements

Local authorities will have times when they need to urgently contact local residents. For example, if there is a severe weather warning or emergency disruption to services. Contacting each resident individually can be time consuming and expensive.

Bulk SMS allows for instant communications to be sent to the residents who may be affected by the emergency announcement. Contacts can be segmented into different groups to ensure the message is going to the right people. 

Phone showing emergency message from council to residents warning of flooding in area
Phone showcasing SMS resident satisfaction survey from council

Feedback surveys

SMS surveys are a great way to gain feedback from local residents. 

Our multi-route SMS surveys allow for different questions to be sent to the user based on their response. This allows for a more tailored approach to feedback gathering and can provide a wider, more in depth range of results.

Local election reminders

The 2018 local elections had a turnout of 34.7%, much lower than the general election turnout of 68.8%. SMS can be used to remind voters that the local elections are coming up.

Local councils can schedule SMS messages to be sent to residents on the days leading up to the elections. These reminders may increase voter turnout.  

Phone with text message from council to resident reminding them to vote in local elections

TextAnywhere provides commercial and public sector organisation with text messaging services. We also offer a Developer Toolkit which allows for easy integration into a company’s own system.

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