SMS for recruitment

Recruit the best candidate for the role with SMS messaging

90% of SMS messages are read within 3 minutes. As a result of this, SMS is the fastest way to communicate important messages to potential candidates.

Scheduled reminders

Even for the most confident candidate, preparing for a job interview can be a nerve-wracking period. The last problem they need is to forget information about the interview.

With scheduled SMS, the candidate can receive all the relevant information regarding the interview straight to their phone, allowing for the candidate to focus on the actual interview. Dynamic fields allow for bulk personalised messages to be sent.

Phone with text message from recruiter reminding candidate of upcoming interview
Phone with text message from recruiter advising recipient of new role that's become available

New job vacancy alert

As a result of only 20% of emails being opened, it is easy for an email to unintentionally get missed. With 95% of messages being opened, SMS is a great way to communicate new vacancies to candidates.  

Messages can be sent in bulk to different groups. This will ensure that the correct jobs are being sent to the correct audience, for example marketing vacancies won’t be sent to school teachers.

Book temporary staff

With a large pool of temporary staff, it can be time consuming to manually contact all of them when they are needed. 

Email to SMS enables the user to send an email to a list of contacts, which will then be sent in the form of a text message. Instantly sending out an SMS to the group can significantly reduce the time and costs spent on filling a temporary role.

Phone with text message from leisure centre offering recipient a shift if they are available to work

TextAnywhere’s online platform enables recruitment agencies to keep in contact with candidates and find the best person for the role. Contact us today to take a Free Trial of our SMS services, or you can call us on 08451 221 302 or email us on