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Expert advice and ideas on how your business can implement mobile marketing and make the most of business SMS.

SMS marketing: The crawl walk run approach

It’s no secret that sms marketing is quickly overtaking other digital marketing communication channels and traditional methods of advertising. It is now the leading marketing platform. Not only is it cheaper to send out a text message, but it’s far more…

SMS spoofing explained and ways to avoid it

Technology-based fraud is nothing new. Before internet-related and mobile phone frauds, it may have been easier to spot such misdemeanors as landline, postal and in-person scams were nowhere near as sophisticated, nor was our access to large amounts of money. According…

Top Tips for Writing SMS Marketing Copy

Ensure your SMS marketing activities are effective with our 17 Do's and Don'ts to ensure you get the most from our SMS platform.

Send an SMS to Your Customers on Their Birthday

When targeting customers via an automated SMS service it is important to make sure that your messages sound personal and relevant to your customers. As human beings, we love to feel special and appreciated by others and what better way to…

The best day to send business SMS campaigns in 2023

With the timing of your SMS campaigns being so crucial to their performance, we thought it useful to take a look at the data and see when actually is the best day to send SMS campaigns. We’ve discovered some common patterns…

The rise of SMS marketing

How Marketing Strategies Have Evolved to SMS   When we talk about traditional marketing strategies, how far back are we thinking? From as early as 1420 businesses were printing logos and sending them out to raise awareness of their brands or services…

How to Improve Your Business With Automated SMS

Automated SMS can revolutionise the way you engage with your audience. Let us explain what they are and how they can work for you.

How proactive communications can help insurers create quality customer engagement

With in-person interactions at an all time low, many businesses are thinking of ways to drive customer engagement and retention in the current climate. Given that 50% of insurers believe proactive communications can help their business achieve exactly this, our latest post includes some ideas for proactive insurer campaigns post-Covid19.

5 Ways To Use SMS Short Codes To Maximise Business

When people hear about short code and keywords, many associate this when entering a competition or casting their vote in a contest. Whilst this tool is widely used for such purposes and effective in doing so, this covers only a small…

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