Run Your Own SMS Service

3 October 2012

If you want to make use of TextAnywhere’s SMS packages but would prefer to have the independence of running your own applications then it might be worth taking a look at our White Label SMS Service. This service gives you unlimited access to all our applications, SMS services and management tools. You then have the complete freedom to run this software as your own.

Here is a rundown of just some of the applications that are available to you as part of the White Label SMS scheme:

  • TextInbound – Set up your own service to receive inbound messages from your clients to a unique 11-digit phone number. This option also allows you to add in keywords that customers can text to receive an automated response. This may be for product information or a confirmation.
  • TextEmail – Send out SMS messages to any number of clients from an integrated email system. The messages are simple to construct and will be delivered to your clients’ mobile phones within seconds.
  • TextOnline – This online SMS service lets you send out SMS messages from your computer to any mobile number across the globe. You can easily keep track and organise your messages and contacts through an easy-to-use address book.
  • TextCampaign – Send large volumes of SMS messages online by uploading the relevant client contact information from your own databases. This service is simple, reliable and lets you target the customers you need to reach almost instantaneously.
  • TextPremium – This service allows your customers to contact you using a short code of 5 digits. Your clients can also text specific keywords to receive a relevant, automated response. Perfect if you are thinking of hosting a competition or vote. 

Remember you can customise the services as much or as little as you like to fit in with your own business attributes. This includes changing the name of each application and selecting which services you would like to use whether it is all of them or just a couple. 

For a full list of the services available to you and a more detailed description of what each is all about then please visit the relevant links on our website.

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