SMS Services for Golf Courses

15 October 2012

With so many different golf courses spread across the UK and abroad, golf club members are likely to shop around if they feel they could be getting a better golfing experience elsewhere. To ensure that this is kept to a minimum clubs should make use of effective SMS marketing to keep in regular contact with their members and to entice them to play.

There are a number of ways that SMS services can be very useful at golf courses. For instance using TextAnywhere’s TextCampaign scheme lets club owners simply gather their database of members and send out a bulk SMS message to all players that will reach their mobile phones within seconds.

There are a variety of reasons for doing this. If, for example, the club has low bookings for a particular day, they can quickly send out an SMS offering a short one day only discount on greens for that day to tempt in players. Another way to use SMS marketing is to send out a message to make members aware of all the latest offers on golf associated equipment and apparel and urge them to replace their existing items.

Other ways to use an SMS service like TextCampaign include messaging players about important information and updates such as club closures or changes to the course.

Clubs could also benefit from using another SMS service that TextAnywhere provides to contact their customers. This service is called TextInbound. This particular package would provide the club with a unique 11-digit phone number that will not only let them message their customers but will allow their customers to get in touch with them. This service can also be used to send out reminders to members to let them know that they need to renew their membership or for other uses such as entering a competition, to book a green in advance via text message, and to remind them about bookings they have already made.

For more information on how TextAnywhere’s range of SMS products can help to improve your marketing campaign for your golf club, please browse the rest of our website or call us on 08451 221 302.

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