Is it possible to receive SMS delivery statuses for messages sent via the API without polling or downloading a report from the Admin Panel?

Yes. When calling the SendSMS function of the API, you may use the “statusnotificationURL” parameter, documented which can be found in our Developer Centre, to supply a URL on your systems to which you would like us to post notifications. This can be set for individual messages and you may choose to use a single or differing URLs depending on how you class the message leaving your systems.

After the message is accepted by our API you will usually receive two notifications. The first informing that the message has been passed to the networks and the second to notify successful delivery. Please be aware that delivery status notifications are not sent for messages which were not accepted by the API.

Any call to SendSMS that receives a transaction code which is not ‘1’, failed, and was not accepted for a reason, which can be looked up here.

For more information or further assistance, please contact our Customer Service Team on 08451 221 302.

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