I want to send my SMS marketing campaign whilst I am away how can I schedule these to go out?

The TextAnywhere system gives you the flexibility to pre-schedule SMS marketing campaigns. This is a great feature for our clients who want to send campaigns whilst they are away from their computer, on annual leave, during bank holidays or at particular times of the day.

To set up a scheduled SMS marketing campaign, you should go through the TextCampaign set-up process as usual. On the last page there is a drop-down menu to set up one-off scheduling. Select this option by clicking on the + symbol to show the menu. You can then select your desired date and time, and finally click the send button. This will ensure your campaign is scheduled instead of being sent straight away. 

You also have the opportunity to view all your scheduled SMS campaigns by clicking on “View Scheduled Campaigns” in the side menu, enabling you to make any last minute amendments before the campaign is sent.

For more information on the TextAnywhere system, or help with scheduling your SMS marketing campaigns, please contact our Customer Service team on 08451 221 302, or at [email protected].

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