How does SMS compare to Direct Marketing?

Each has their own place in the greater marketing environment, however SMS messages reach your customer’s hands instantly, and as such they tend to be read and responded to much more quickly than emails.

Mobile Marketing Association 2012 reported that 97% of all text messages are opened AND read within 3 minutes of receipt, compared to 22% with email messages. It is also worth remembering that with email marketing, spam filters can delay delivery and prevent content from being visible, not so with SMS marketing. They go on to describe that an average SMS marketing campaign reaches conversion rates of 20%. Compare this figure to direct mail and newspapers, which rarely reach over 2% to 3%, and the ROI of text message marketing cannot be matched.

With an SMS you can offer immediate discount codes to encourage purchase the same day, send reminders to attend an exhibition on the morning of the event, and even interact with your customers in real time by including inbound reply access.

If you would like more information about how SMS marketing can help your business communications, call our Customer Service team on 08451 221 302.

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