Expert advice and ideas on how your business can implement mobile marketing and make the most of business SMS.

The best day to send business SMS campaigns in 2023

With the timing of your SMS campaigns being so crucial to their performance, we thought it useful to take a look at the data and see when actually is the best day to send SMS campaigns. We’ve discovered some common patterns…

SMS surveys: your key to actionable feedback

Discover the power of SMS surveys to unlock invaluable customer insights. Improve satisfaction and drive repeat business.

SMS templates for your back-to-school comms

From emergency communications to alerts, notifications and payment reminders. Kick start your back-to-school comms with our useful SMS templates.

A step-by-step guide on how to get an SMS shortcode

SMS marketing is fantastic for quickly and effectively connecting with your customers. And guess what? The key to a successful SMS marketing campaign lies in having your very own SMS shortcode. We've got you covered with this step-by-step guide on how to get an SMS shortcode for your business. Let's dive in….

The power of SMS loyalty programs

Winning and maintaining business in the current market is harder than ever before as consumers are faced with many more choices. Customer loyalty is now the only way forward for long-term success. Now it’s been established that one of the key components to reaching customers is convenience, more businesses are turning to SMS marketing to increase their customer lifetime value.

Why SMS marketing is the accelerator your response rates need

SMS marketing is a powerful accelerator for boosting response rates in today's digital landscape. With its direct, concise, and immediate nature, businesses can connect with their audience on a personal level like never before.

8 reasons to start using business SMS

With an open rate of 98%, it's no wonder SMS is a popular messaging channel for organisations. We dive into the top 8 reasons why you might want to start sending SMS messages regularly to your customers.

Fast and efficient: Improving response times with business sms for better customer service

Are you ready to enhance your customer service experience with SMS?

How businesses can keep teams connected and aligned with bulk sms

A lot of focus is placed on the many benefits and advantages of using SMS marketing as a way of targeting customers. However, what a lot of companies tend to forget is that text messaging is a great tool to use for easily communicating with employees as well as customers. Here's why your business should start using bulk SMS services for staff and customer satisfaction and communication.

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